Rubin & Associates CPA Firm PA

The Individual Taxpayer:

Services we provide to help the Individual taxpayer stay compliant and not stress out.

We pride ourselves in offering a quality and personalized tax service for individuals who require professional help in filing their yearly tax forms.


1.       First we can assist in an individual who needs his yearly 1040 return filed in a correct ethical and timely manner.

We take the time to meet each client if it is practical and go over the past years financial and personal situation to determine what changes occurred in their life during the year. We then determine the best approach to filing their personal returns and gather all the necessary documents to support the filing.

2.       We also can assist the filing of estate and trusts returns, along with estate planning in conjunction with either the individual’s legal advisor or one we recommend.

We work closely with numerous tax and estate attorneys to help in the filing of all the necessary documents. We also are involved in various aspects of estate planning for high net worth individuals.

3.       We are now  offering a complete Tax Resolution Service

We try to make the dealing and negotiating with the IRS as stress free as possible. We will hold your hand through the entire process. The following are some of the services we offer in this regard.

a.       We  assist in helping individuals file past due tax returns

b.      Evaluate individuals who owe back Income Taxes and determine the best approach in dealing with the IRS

c.       We can also deal with Individuals who have back self employment and payroll trust fund issues

d.      Our accountants will also represent you if needed before the IRS in ongoing tax matters


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