Rubin & Associates CPA Firm PA

The Small Business Sector:

Services aimed to help the Small to Mid Sized Business Owner.

As a small closely held CPA Firm we specialize in the needs of small to mid size businesses. We also are fully knowledgeable in helping individuals who are first starting a new business venture. Our accountants and tax specialists not only have the academic training in their specialties but have years of experience in running and starting successful businesses themselves.

The following is brief description of some our services available to the small to the mid size business.


1.       Incorporating and setting up a new entity-

We meet and discuss with you the client to help determine the type of business structure best suited for developing and conducting your business on an ongoing basis. We spend the time necessary for you to understand the tax and accounting implications of choosing a particular entity. We then do all the necessary filings to make the process easy and effortless for you.

2.       Help set up the financial bookkeeping, and  provide the guidance to start the business on the right track-

We then begin to educate you the business entrepreneur in how to keep and maintain the financial records necessary to understand and document what is occurring in your business. These records will be necessary to help file the taxes and to provide the financial data to various institutions for loans and other assistance. Towards this end we offer our bookkeeping services on a monthly basis or aid you in finding an outside bookkeeper to work with our accountants on an ongoing basis. 

3.       Help develop business plans and projections-

For the beginning business it is essential to have a clear and concise vision of what you want to accomplish in the near term and visions for a 3 to five year period. We help gel these ideas into solid statements and then help gather the data to project budgets for the business going forward.

4.       For ongoing businesses, we prepare financial statements, monthly, quarterly , and year end-

Again we offer totally bookkeeping and accounting services to the start-up or ongoing business. We also work with in house bookkeepers and do monthly reconciliations of their records, journal entries and produce accurate Income statements, Balance sheets and Cash Flow Analysis on an ongoing basis.  

5.       Offer complete preparation of the general Journal and Ledger-

See above description

6.       Prepare all necessary Payroll and Tax Forms Federal, State and Local Filings including sales tax if needed-

We can take care of the payroll for small to midsized businesses and file the necessary payroll tax forms for both the Federal and State. These include the 941, 940, W2/W3, and state unemployment and withholding.

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